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Asset Allocation

Here are the key components of our strategy.

  1. Select the proper asset allocation.
  2. Select individual securities for your portfolio.
  3. Keep product fees and trading costs low by using stocks and ETFs.
  4. Manage risk and take advantage of opportunities by periodically adjusting your portfolio based on market conditions, valuations, economic trends and investor fear and greed.

By focusing on these four areas we can help you take control of your portfolio, reduce your fees, and get better results!

Portfolio Service

Managing a portfolio is a difficult task – thousands of choices, tricky markets, and information overload. You need a guide to help you navigate these choppy waters.

However, the cost of hiring someone to manage your money on an ongoing basis can be very expensive. The fees are often too high compared to the results you often get. Yet, investing money completely on your own can be disastrous – one wrong move could set your progress back years. Handling your own investments alone can be overwhelming and emotional.

You need a guide – someone that has decades of experience, someone that’s been through the booms AND the busts, someone that can help educate and direct you. You need an independent provider that can help you separate the wheat from the chaff. Someone that can help decide what’s important and what’s just noise.

You need tools to help you set up and manage your portfolio, select your investments, and give you greater peace of mind. We can help you establish a framework for analyzing market conditions and controlling your risks. We offer a service to educate, enlighten, and empower you in your journey toward financial freedom.

Our state of the art asset allocation model will help you find tune your portfolio strategy and it will help you select the investments most appropriate for your situation based on how much you’re investing, your goals, risk level, and time frame.

We have three main strategies – Growth (Aggressive), Growth & Income (Moderate), and Income (Conservative) that help point you in the right direction.

Market Guidance

We provide high probability predictions for the following market assets:

  • S&P500, DOW, and Nasdaq
  • Gold and miners
  • Oil
  • Bonds and the U.S. Dollar
  • Various market sectors

Here Are The Resources You Receive

Weekend Forecast: Each weekend, you’ll get an extended report with important updates, market forecasts, key things to watch in the week ahead, and our exclusive watch list of investments on our radar.

Weekly Updates: We discuss the markets, current patterns and projections, and answer questions you may have.

Asset Allocation Tool: Guidance on which portfolio is right for you.

Portfolio Choices: We have three main portfolio strategies that you gain access to.

Portfolio Changes: Trades as needed aiming for 10-20%+ profits on each. Holding periods based are solely on objectives and target prices.

Trade Alerts: Text and Email alerts on entry and exit.

Proven Results: We have beaten the SP 500 over 3 to 1 since inception with less risk and volatility.

Education: Premium articles, audios, and video training to help make you a better investor!

Who Should Use Premium Services?

Whether you are just starting out or have years of experience this service is for you. While we generally suggest a portfolio of $10,000 or more to begin, if you will be adding to it on a regular basis, this service might still be right for you. We are for both short-term and long-term investors.

We provide a predictive market service for traders, an educational site for beginners and novices alike to learn and apply Elliott Wave Principles along with cycle analysis and fundamental and technical trading guidance. We help you identify lucrative short-term trade “set-ups” and long-term portfolio selections to help you maximize your profits.

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