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Proud to Own™ is a disciplined research approach created for investors seeking stocks based on their business performance and the moral make-up of the companies those stocks represent. Our approach values corporate responsibility, and our screening standards are high. We pay close attention to business practices and corporate culture, zeroing in on those companies who make decisions that are honorable while offering long-term sustainability and growth potential for investors. Crafted for individuals whose bottom line decision making is grounded in strong principles, it is a unique offering in the marketplace.


  • Screen out companies that do not align with moral principles
  • Identify game-changing, innovative companies that value and respect their employees, vendors and customers and whose investment in their communities is tangible
  • Execute a rigorous vetting process to determine
  • Earnings trends
  • Price momentum
  • Risk
  • Valuation
  • Financial health
  • Build a diversified portfolio well positioned to weather the ups and downs of the market and suited for investments ranging from $10,000 and up.

Since 2009, Dual Returns has focused on helping investors get good results without sacrificing their faith and values.

Dual Returns equips investors to build strong portfolios made up of investments they can be Proud to Own™. Grounded in deep market research, our recommendations reflect companies that offer significant profit potential and whose core beliefs resonate with our clients.

We believe investors can prosper without compromising their values and that companies that outperform while maintaining integrity deserve preference. In a unique approach, we take the burden off the investor to identify those companies that stake out the high moral ground, those who make corporate responsibility a priority and invest back into their communities. And we exclude those companies whose principles can be questionable.

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Certified Proud To Own

Whether it’s the novice learning how to invest or the advanced investor, Dual Returns provides strategies for today’s market conditions. Along with our moral screening process, we offer a full range of four portfolio options to help investors grow their investments through companies they can take pride in owning.

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